When it comes to actually composing a blog post you probably as a new blogger are asking yourself, “What Are The Best Types of Posts To Write?”  The truth is the best type of post is the one that you write but in all seriousness this is something that is left up to debate and testing.  In my experience the best post is the one that informs and helps the reader in someway.

The goal of this post is the types of posts I have wrote over the years and how they can help you get started.


This type of post introduces the reader to a product or service and gives them the opportunity to take action either online or offline


This type of post would be the Best of, top whatever, or segmented points for quick reading with an opportunity for the reader to take action


This type of post is a reflection of your opinion on a subject that does not necessarily talk about a product or service but offers your readers the chance to see your support or opposition for something.

Product Review

Similar to the introductory post but this is a specific review of a product you have been sent, we will talk about that later, or something you have purchased and want to talk about it.


Pretty self explanatory in that you will be writing in order to promote a product, service, event, or anything else that requires you to spread the word.

When coming up with your editorial calendar, or the schedule that you write what you write is is better to come up with what you will write about instead of the type of post.  After you have some posts under your belt and readers begin to react to them it will become clear the types of post you should concentrate on.

I have found that pillar posts work very well because the reader can skim through the post to find what is best for him or her.  When it comes down to it as a blog entrepreneur you are looking for what works best for your audience and not necessarily the style. Unless you are already an accomplished writer your style will develop over time and what is the best post one day will be something else the next day.

The best post is the one that you develop with your own voice which will allow you to tweak your style overtime based on feedback from your readers.